About Us


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” ~ Oscar Wilde


Hey There!

I’m Dr. Mandy Russell.

I am a mom, wife, Optometrist, chocolate lover, and podcast junkie. If you haven't noticed from other pages, I also appreciate good quotes. I feel fortunate to care for one of our most valued gifts we were blessed with.  With over 2 million moving parts of our eye, it’s truly amazing how flawlessly it can work.

On most days you can find me up well before the sun rises, not because I am a morning person by default, but because that one hour maintains my sanity. Whether I am reading, journaling, or exercising, I get to start the day feeling great and refreshed.

I hate grocery shopping! Thank goodness for my husband. In fact, I dream about having a personal chef. I’m not into fancy cars or big houses but someone to prepare healthy, edible meals for my family, yes please!

Something I would be embarrassed if you heard: singing karaoke with my daughter. Trust me when I tell you that I have NO musical talent. My husband may have used the words “tone deaf” a few times, but that doesn’t stop me! However, I will keep our karaoke adventures isolated to our basement.

Two questions that I get asked: Is your hair naturally curly? Yes, it's and it’s a love hate relationship! Curly haired girls know what I’m talking about!  Is your real name Amanda? Nope, just Mandy. Like the Barry Manilow song.


“Let all that you do be done in love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:14

Hey There!

I’m Keri Ellyson.

I am a wife, kitty mamma, traveler, clothing enthusiast and music lover. I am passionate about my family, spreading the love of God, making a fabulous meal, and touching the lives of others. Whether it’s helping a patient in the office or creating a delicious meal for friends and family, I feel blessed to be able to serve the people I’m surrounded by.

During the week you will find me helping patients find their perfect pair of glasses. It’s so rewarding to help people find something they love and see the smiles it brings to their faces. A bonus is that I have an amazingly kind boss who lets me kill all the spiders in the office! I can truly say my spider killing skills have drastically improved since working here.

You might also find me snacking (like nobody’s business) or playing sports outside of the office. Volleyball, racquetball, soccer, and ping pong are some of my favorites. I may only be 5’1”, but I bring the heat every time!

I enjoy listening to great tunes and have been known to burst out in song in my car, during the Sunday morning service, while I’m shopping, or hanging out with friends, so... just about anywhere.

A fun fact about me: I have WAY too many clothes! In fact, I estimate I could go about 2 months without duplicating any articles of clothing (besides shoes, otherwise that would be an even bigger issue!) I know, it’s a problem! A problem my husband often reminds me about.


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